We want to open a centre in Dar es Salaam, with around ten beds. The kids who will live there should also get a place at school or a training position.


Other children will have the opportunity to

  • have a wash
  • clean their clothes
  • store important things or documents 
  • one hot meal a day
  • provide medical treatment - we are covering the costs, and doing as much as possible ourselves.  We are also trying to establish a partnership with a local hospital.
  • issues with the authorities - even the police do not know what they should do with the children, and still have to pick them up even when no-one is responsible for them.
  • distribution of clothes, condoms and toiletries
  • registration of the kids - we plan to offer resources for around 30 children
  • leisure activities - going swimming, arts and crafts etc.

 Two of our members from Dar es Salaam are already looking after some of the kids in our absence, and will be setting up the organisation with us. We also want to include the children in the development and design of the organisation.


In the future, we will be working in close partnership with the organisation Nochu, which concentrates intensively on children’s rights and campaigns for changes in legislature.