We come from Lower Austria and East Tirol and both live in Vienna. During our social work degree, we did a five-month-long internship abroad. We did ours in Dar es Salaam, in an organisation that works with street children. We did school on the street there, learnt English, maths and writing with the children, and spent the days playing and swimming with them. We can now speak Swahili well –the children especially have taught us a lot.



It is uncertain, whether this organisation will continue to be active in Dar es Salaam, as they want to work on another project outside of the city. Despite this, we can still count on their support - they are helping us with any questions and issues, and supporting us start our project.


After the initial 5 months, we returned to Dar for another month. We met nearly all the children again, and got to know many more. We were confronted with many issues and realised more and more the sort of problems the children have to deal with every day – completely by themselves. After this month, we decided that we wanted to continue our work in Tanzania and start our own organisation.


For us, the most important thing is to provide help to the children in Dar. In every single one of these children, there is so much potential, and we want to support them so that they can use this, and stand on their own two feet.